Caramel Coloring Cancer


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January 24, 2014:
The FDA does not seem as concerned.



Caramel colorings may contain 4-MEI with stands for 4-methylimidazole, which is a byproduct of of roasting. It is found in coffee and meats and in colorings which are made by heating of other substances.

Can you get cancer from the caramel color in sodas?

Apparently, soft drinks are out to get you.

The soft drink industry is getting a bad rap, and caramel coloring cancer is the latest alleged danger to come along. Supposedly, the manufacturing process of colas and other foods might bring out the cancer-causing chemicals in carmel color because of its reaction with ammonia and sulfate compunds during the cola making process. How much caramel color is enough to cause cancer? This is not known. What are the risks of drinking caramel colored sodas versus drinking water with arsenic, fruit juice with pesticides, water from plastic bottles (or from steel bottles with traces of lead) or breathing the outside air? So far, there is not enough information or a big correlation like smoking and tobacco, so we will try to keep you posted.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Remember Red Dye Number 3? If you don't, it was a big scare in the 1970s that red dye in foods caused cancer. The people at M&Ms took away the red ones and did not give them back for a decade. Turns out, you had to eat enough red food to kill you from the sugar, but a generation grew up with insufficiently red foods because gullible parents would not buy anything that had red in it.