Caramel Coloring Dangers


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January 23, 2014:
CNN Story reveals that 4-MEI may exceed levels that would generate a warning in California.



Pepsi and Coke are changing formulas!

What are the dangers of caramel coloring consumption?

CSPI Claims That Cancer Caused by Caramel Color

Caramel Coloring DangersThe Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI, or "the Food Police") have outlined potential caramel coloring dangers that may lead to cancer. The danger, according to the group, is that the mixing of carmel color with ammonia and sulfites at high temperatures can create carcinogenic chemicals. If you're wondering how that affects you, you may want to know that sulfites and ammonia are present in the manufacturing of cola beverages. Caramel color shows up in all kinds of foods and beverages including soy sauce, beer, and salad dressings, many of which may be manufactured with sulfites and ammonia compounds. This warning has led some to suggest placing warning labels on cola, or eliminating the caramel coloring altogether, but this would create a very different look for cola drinks, since the current black color might be replaced by greenish "un-colored" colas that do not have the same visual appeal. On the other side, some are saying that the danger is negligible, and the animal studies related to this risk may be flawed.

A 2014 article on the dangers related to 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) relates to the World Health Organization and California limiting manufacturers to an exposure level of 29 micrograms per day. Many soft drinks contain more than that in a single can. The FDA claims that there is not a concern with 4-MEL, but there are calls for the agency to require labeling of the type of caramel coloring used by companies in order to warn consumers. Naturally, someone might want to warn the food police that nobody was worried about the Saccharine warnings found on diet sodas for years, so the only thing warnings and disclosures will do is to scare off a few crazies who presumably would not be drinking sodas anyway, given that their fungus teas and lemonized seltzer waters are about as far as they go for refreshment.

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Special note: If you think about it, you might have more danger from obesity and diabetes in sugary drinks, and the diet ones could give you a stroke.